On February 6-8, 2022IRIP will host an international conference on Ibn Sina’s philosophical anthropology. The goal of this conference is to gather Ibn Sina researchers from all around the world to read and interpret Ibn Sina's anthropological doctrines in light of his metaphysical, physical, and psychological works. Since Ibn Sina does not restrict the study of human nature to natural sciences, the attempt to clarify his philosophical anthropology deserves considerations beyond their limits. Some of the significant resources in this regard are Ibn Sina's own books and monographs on psychology, some of which are part of aš-Šifāʾ (The Cure), an-Najāt (The Salvation), ʿUyūn al-ḥikma (Elements of Philosophy), Dānešnāme-ye ʿAlāʾī (Philosophy for ʿAlāʾ-ad-Dawla) and al-Išārāt wa-t-tanbīhāt (Pointers and Reminders), while some others are contained in separate treatises. In addition to psychology, topics like ethics, political philosophy, cosmology, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of language are worth addressing in order to clarify Ibn Sina's anthropology. We are hopeful that this conference will be a significant contribution to the contemporary studies of Ibn Sina and will throw light on some understudied aspects of his thought.

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Announcement of  Conference Programme for "The International Conference on Philosophical Anthropology in Ibn Sina"

The Scientific Committee of "The Philosophical Anthropology in Ibn Sina" announces the Conference Programme as follows: February 6-9, Sunday-Wednesday, 2022 at the Iranian Institute of Philosophy.  

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Accepted papers

Conference issues

1. Psychology

2. Ethics

3. Human and the City

4. Human and the Universe

5. Human and Religion

6. Human and Language

7. Life and Death


Conference date: February 6-9, 2022

Abstract submission deadline: July 22, 2021

Paper submission deadline:  November 21, 2021


Chairman: Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Yousefsani

Scientific Secretaries: Dr. Leila Kiankhah; Dr. MohammadJavad Esmaeili

Scientific Assists: Hediyeh Omidzamani

Executive Secretaries: Dr. Saeid Makhani; Dr. Hossein Rostami Jalilian


Email: IBSIC@irip.ac.ir; IBSIC2021@gmail.com

Telephone/account: +989390869367